View From Anywhere

Protect your important things anytime, anywhere.

Professional Equipment

Quality field-tested products. Professional grade equipment. Up-to-date technology. Up to 4K resolution plus.

DIY (Do it yourself)

Need your valuables protected? No need to worry anymore. We will help you design and walk you step-by-step so you can install your system.

Virtual Fence Notification

Receive alerts when virtual fence is crossed. Optimize the view of each camera according to your needs.

Alarm Systems

Custom Kits

Spy Gear


New Technology


Welcome to Safecam Online

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SAFECAM is a Direct Distributor & Retailer of CCTV Products.

Our broad portfolio of video surveillance products are used by major schools and universities, government agencies, correctional facilities, retail stores, sports and entertainment facilities, casinos, and in many other commercial and industrial environments throughout the world.

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